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Interior lighting design of clubhouse at City of Dreams, Macau
  • Product:IP20 LED Flexible Strip , LED Light, Dustproof And Waterpro Of Silicone Neon Flex Strip, High Voltage LED Strip.(AC220V)
  • Place:Macau
  • Time: 2018-01-22
City of Dreams, located in the reclamation area of Cotai, Macau, consists of a group of buildings, covering hotels, shopping, dining, performances, casinos and other projects, facing the US-owned Venetian Hotel. The two buildings each have a 300-room hotel, an 85,000-square-foot shopping mall and two-story casinos of different styles.
Lighting is a part that cannot be underestimated in the design of commercial clubs. Many design points and design ideas of club designers can only achieve perfect results with proper lighting rendering.
The indoor lighting of the clubhouse in City of Dreams, Macau is reflected in the atmosphere lighting of the clubhouse, which is to abandon the gorgeous and dazzling lighting, and use soft lighting to create a warm, soft and elegant atmosphere. Specifically, it is a clever combination of different types of lighting products. For example, this project is perfectly applied to IP20 LED Flexible Strip , LED Light, Dustproof and waterproof silicone neon flex strip, High voltage LED strip.(AC220V)and other products of ZOYO, achieve the purpose of creating an atmosphere