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    Employee training
    Silver Age always adheres to the core values of "people-oriented", attaches importance to the cultivation of moral quality of employees, and creates a "positive, upward, harmonious" humanistic environment and development platform for employees. Silver Age regularly carries out professional knowledge and skills training, quality development training, outdoor development training every year, and carries out talent echelon training at all levels. The sound training system opens a shortcut for the self-improvement of employees.
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    Cultural and sports activities
    Silver Age holds birthday parties for the employees every month, and organize annual entertainment shows, sports meetings, various sports events, and outdoor team projects every year.At present, Silver Age has several men basketball teams, one women basketball team, two football teams and three rowing teams.In addition, the badminton association, which is organized by the staff, has become the sports association with the largest number of participants.The unique cultural and sports activities not only enrich the leisure life of employees, cultivate healthy living habits, but also shorten the distance between employees, and truly interpret the spirit of teamwork.
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    Social responsibility
    The rapid development of Silver Age is inseparable from the concern of leaders from all walks of life and the recognition of the public, at the same time, the courage to assume social responsibility, enthusiastic about social public welfare undertakings, poverty alleviation and disability, donations for education, promote employment, establish a good corporate citizen image;The company has been awarded the first batch of friendly enterprises in Dongguan city, the Excellent and Harmonious Enterprise of Labor relations in Jiangsu Province, and the May 1 Labor Award in Suzhou City, etc.